Public Nomination

Below is the criteria and form for public nomination of Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame inductees. Please fill out the form and send it to:

Public Nomination for the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame


53 Responses to “Public Nomination”

  1. Randy Morse Says:

    I believe Ed Howe should added as a driver also!!!!

  2. Bruce Malone Says:

    Jim Leka 1989 national UMP champion

  3. Jim Rasmussen Says:

    My nomination is for Gary Crawford from Independence Iowa

  4. larry wimsett Says:

    Micky Williams had many wins in the bluegrass state. he raced against fats Coffey, butterball and many other hot shoes in the 70’s and early 80’s

  5. larry wimsett Says:

    love this website. bring back memories.

  6. Joseph Gary Thomas Says:

    butch shay was one of the smoothes drivers on dirt and he did not destroy his car or anyone elses. he was loved by all his fans.and everyone that helped him with all his races and many wins. we all miss you ole boy your friend biggin- gary thomas

  7. Jeremy Says:

    I think Carey Morrison from Manchester Ohio should be in there some day

  8. Kenny Schettler Says:

    Hi….I would like you to consider a man name Jack Simmons for your hall of fame. He has over 1000 feature wins….many in late model. ..and I believe 35 track championships….building his own motors ..own work. .I believe he would make a great addition to your hall of fame….also the late Bud Purkey and his son AL of Coffeyville KS…AL has multiple MLRA…NCRA..wins and championships. ..Thanks Kenny

  9. donnie linton Says:

    art ball would represent your hall as well as anyone just retired 2years years ago at the age of 75 and had two wins that year at fremont speedway ohio for his career over 300 a main wins and 28 track championships and one of the nicest guys aroundlin

  10. Neil Reed Says:

    Fred King, Fred owned cars that were truly HOF, Godsey, Petro, why isn’t he in?

  11. don edington Says:

    randy boggs hall of fame member

  12. Tammy Harshey Says:

    Gerald Dixon from Indiana, Car Owner, Car Builder, Driver, and Engine Builder

    • Larry Andrus Says:

      Jim Reid was the car owner for most of Rex McCroskey’s Dirt Late Model Racing Career, They ran GRT Race Cars most, Rex McCroskey was the driver and they ran Hatfield Racing Engines the most.

    • ndlmhof Says:

      Tammy thank you for your interest in the NDLMHoF. Please fill out a public nomination ballot on Gerald Dixon’s career and send it to us.

  13. Larry Andrus Says:

    I just emailed a public nomination form for Rex McCroskey to you. I believe he raced Dirt Late Models for 20+ years. I know he was a 3 time MLRA Points Champion but as far as wins I am guessing he won around 800 features and won around 20 Track Championships. Here is some pictures of Rex’s cars and visits to victory lane.

  14. johnathon Gadd Says:

    I would like to nominate Berthold Robidoux,better known to all in the racing world,as BERT TRANSMISSIONS.He is the one that started it all,(the manufacture of the racing type internal clutch transmission)95% of the dirt late model racers have used this type of unit at one time or another.

    He should be in the category of a contributor,and is well deserved.

    Thank You:

    • ndlmhof Says:

      Johnathon, thank you for your interest in the Hall of Fame. Mr. Robidoux has already been nominated. He is on our Construction Ballot for voting but has not yet received enough votes to move to the Main Ballot.

  15. John Shultz Says:

    Blaine Aber from Wooster Ohio is the driver I’d like to nominate….He has been racing late models for 50 yrs…..he would have celebrated 51 this year but has had motor issues and still might make late season….He has won 8 track championships at 3 different tracks such as Wayne Co Speedway,Muskingum, Lakeville….He has also held the Stars Latemodel Series Rookie of the year award….he’s inducted in the Wayne County Speedway Hall of Fame as well….Most of his career he’s finished in the top five every night out… I wrenched for him 20 years…Even know he’s still a fan favorite

    • ndlmhof Says:

      John, thank you for your interest in the NDLMHoF and for the info on Blaine Aber. I will put it before the Nominating Committee for evaluation.

  16. Joe johnson Says:

    Mitch Johnson from Fargo North Dakota

    • ndlmhof Says:

      Joe, thank you for your interest in the Hall of Fame. Could you please fill out a public nomination ballot from our website on Mitch’s career and send it in.

  17. mike greenland Says:

    rick egersdorf

  18. Crystal Milliken Says:

    I would like to nominate Jimmy Edwards Sr., Jimmy Edwards Jr. and Hank Edwards for the NDLMHOF. They are father and sons. Ha know the only surviving member left. He is still racing at the age of 60. This family had accumulated over 2000 wins and over 50 Championships as drivers and owners.

  19. Eric Golightly Says:

    Buddy Armel from Winchester, Virginia

  20. Donald C Harden Says:

    I would like to nominate Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine,IA

    • ndlmhof Says:

      Hello Donald, Brian does not have 30 years in dirt Late Model racing. We are waiting to see if he is really retired or just taking some time off.

  21. Don Walden Says:

    I would like to see Bloomington, Illinois Billy Drake in the HoF.

  22. James Says:

    I believe Earl Jones should be in the hall of fame 2 time Talladega short track champ and 2 time go cart champ he is the real deal always raced anywhere anytime and would go everywhere to race he was a real racing hero

  23. angela lowery Says:

    i believe Steve Barnett should be added to the lise

  24. Earl Pruitt Says:

    Darrell Defrance should be nominated

  25. Chad noda Says:

    I believe Richard Noda should be considered. “Super” is the best chassis builder I’ve ever seen. And I’ve raced his cars to many wins. Other top names have raced is cars to wins as well.

  26. Jason sellers Says:

    I think brian birkhofer needs in he is truly a hall of famer

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