Inductee Profile of the Month

 Nickname: The Tupelo Flash
Over 500 feature wins
Started racing: 1963 at Shannon Raceway
Biggest accomplishment: 1979 National 100
Inducted: 2009 class


Don’s successes:

Hometracks: Tupelo and Columbus
Occupation: Car business, New/used car salesman
Track championships: Meridan, Columbus, Tupelo, Northern Alabama for 8 to 10 years.
Series titles: 1983 Southern All Stars Series Champion
Retired in the Mid-90s
Toughest competitor: With NDRA everyone, locally Jerry Inmon 


 Nickname: The Hurryin’ Hoosier
521 Feature Wins
23 Track Championships
38 Runner-up Championships
5-time Northern Indiana Clay Track  Champion
7-time Illiana Clay Track Champion
2-time Eastern Illinois Clay Track  Champ
2006 Class




Hometrack: Rensselaer Indiana Speedway
Occupation: Auto Part Supplier
Started racing in 1960
Big wins: Memorial 100 at Chase Speedway, Eldora 50, Budweiser 200 at Marshfield Wisconsin, Kendall GT Winner Series at Tampa Florida, Southern Sizzler at Winchester Tennessee 


 Nickname: Vern “Saturday Night” LeFevers

Born: 11-28-1938
Started Racing: 1966
Biggest Accomplishment: Being able to race for decades against the very best while raising a family
Inducted: 2006 Class


Vern’s successes:

Hometracks – Florence Kentucky Speedway
Occupation – Construction Operator, Truck Driver, Mechanic and Car Builder
19 Track Championships at Eldora, Northern Kentucky, Brown County, Glen Este, Fleming County, White Water  Valley, Mudlick Valley and Lawrenceburg
Races won – Over 650 career wins
83 hat tricks (dash-heat-feature) including 9 in a row
18 features in a row
13 track records set
7 bounties, 3 uncollected
5 different decades with with feature wins
4 World 100 starts, made 3 from tail of the heat 


Born: 07-03-1942
Died: 09-21-2004
Started Racing: 1960 at Springfield, MO Speedway
Biggest Accomplishment: 5 Time Nascar Weekly Series National Champion
Inducted: 2001 Class


Larry’s successes: 

Hometracks – Springfield, MO, 1-44 Speedway in MO, USA Speedway in Bolivar, MO
Occupation – Pro racer/ Mechanic and car builder
Over 25 Track Championships, 2 time NCRA Champion, 9 time Missouri State Champion, 2 time Mascar Champion
Races won:  Over 800 career wins on dirt/asphalt, 3 time Western World Classic in Manzanita, AZ, 4 time Colorado Challenge Cup Winner, 2 time Pacific Stock Car Classic, 1988 World of Outlaw Inaugural winner in Williams Grove, PA

(photos courtesy of Doug Haack, book cover by Kendall Bell and David Zeszutek, Stock Car Magazine article by Judith Lyon) 


Born: 12-3-1940
Started racing: 1964 at Tunis, IA Speedway
Biggest accomplishment: 1974 World 100
Still active
Inducted: 2004 class


Ed’s successes:

Home tracks – Tunis, Independence and Davenport Iowa
Occupation – mechanic and farmer
Over 30 track championships won at various speedways
Won 27 races in 1969, 37 in 1970, 33 in 1971, 40 in 1973, 27 in 1974, 28 in 1975, 45 in 1976, 33 in 1979
Biggest wins: Yankee Dirt Classic, Triple 50s at East Moline, IL, Boone National and many more
Toughest local competitor: Curt Hansen and Verlin Eaker
Toughest national competitor: Wayne Shugart, Will Cagle, Tony Izzo, Jim O’ Conner, Leon Plank, Steve Egersdorf, Floyd Gilbert and Butterball Wooldridge

(photos courtesy of Doug Haack and Dennis Piefer)

Born: 12-27-1939
Started racing: Late 60’s  at Zebulon, GA  Speedway
Biggest accomplishment:
Inaugural NDRA  Champion  (1979)
Retired: End of 1985  season
Inducted: 2003 class


Leon’s successes:

Began racing late at 28 years of age.
Home tracks – Rome, Dixie and Senoia in  Georgia.
Car Owners – Bill Plemmons, Charles Prater, Barry Wright, Denny Ross
Track Championships at Dixie, Rome, Senoia and others
Ran a sand and gravel trucking business
Won 34 races in 1978 and 24 in 1977 and 1985.
Biggest wins: 1978 Mason-Dixon Challenge 100 in Phoenix City, AL, 4 NDRA wins at Jackson, TN, Myrtle Beach, SC, Anderson, SC, and Bulls Gap, TN, 1979 Dixie 100 at Woodstock, GA, 1981 Paul Gose 100 at  Bulls Gap, TN, 1982 World 100 at Concord, NC.
Toughest competitors locally – Leon Sells, Charlie Mincey, Bud Lunsford, Charlie Hughes, Doug Kenimer, etc.
Toughest competitors in NDRA – Larry Moore, Rodney Combs, Freddy Smith, Mike Duvall and many more.


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